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Robert Moreman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert, Sara, Cathy and Matthew at Sara’s graduation from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 2019

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The Robert Moreman Memorial Scholarship (RMMS) is available to graduating seniors from Wimberley High School (WHS) and Katherine Anne Porter School (KAPS) in Wimberley, Texas. The goal is to fund at least two single-year scholarships annually, with an option for more depending on available funds.

Scholarships will be awarded to students seeking higher education in colleges, universities or after high school technical or trade schools. While academic performance (grades) will be considered during the selection process, they will not be the primary criterion when selecting the scholarship recipients.

Students applying for this scholarship need to show how their continuing education will support one or more of WVACA’s pillars: visual, performing, literary and culinary arts or how they are dedicated to becoming tradesmen: crafters, builders or makers.

Students are encouraged to think outside the box when applying.  

Applicants must complete the “Robert Moreman Memorial Scholarship” (RMMS) application available here. The application can be downloaded here (link) and is also available from Student Counselors at WHS or KAPS. Applicants must also submit (upload) proof of good standing:

School produced report showing class rank, GPA and test scores (although grade data will be reviewed, this data is not a primary criterion for selection).

Three signed letter(s) of recommendation from Teachers, Counselor, Coaches, Mentors

A one-page letter describing applicant’s plans for college or trade/technical school and why they feel they should be considered for this award. The letter should include a list of outside interests and community involvement.

Applicants can submit their application and supporting documents on-line (link) with a copy to the Counselor’s Office at their High School.  Application deadline is March 15th of the graduation year.

All applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, who will create a shortlist of applicants to be invited to a personal interview with Committee members. After the interview process, winners will be selected. Winning and not-winning applicants will be notified in writing.

Both Wimberley ISD and KAPS have a scholarship night where all graduating seniors attend. WVACA will have a representative at the events and will present  a Certificate of Award to the winning students on the award night. Checks for scholarships will be mailed to students once WVACA receives the recipients’ College/Trade/Technical school’s confirmation of enrollment, acceptance and financial obligation.

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