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Starlight Symphony Orchestra

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Starlight Symphony Orchestra seeks to:
Provide Central Texas musicians with a cultural and social gathering opportunity where players can meet and work together.
Provide Central Texas communities with entertainment by high-quality musicians and social events at which like-minded people can assemble.
Provide opportunities for Central Texas students to play with an orchestra, giving them the experiences of working with a conductor, learning a part, playing with a full complement of instruments, understanding orchestral literature, and performing for the community.
Educate Central Texas student populations about orchestra such as with performances and interactive presentations introducing them to the instruments, players, and music.
Preserve the heritage of instrumental music from historical literature to contemporary compositions.
Associate with other performing arts organizations in the Central Texas area.
Establish a group which, by its organizational and operational structures, fosters a spirit of cooperation and goodwill among its members and ensures long-term existence.