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Member Benefits

Who Belongs to

As an inclusive, umbrella 501(C)(3) community arts organization, members include:


  • Wimberly area arts and cultural organizations of all kinds – galleries, theatres, musical organizations, writer groups, singing groups, artist member organizations, etc.
  • Aligned area non-profit organizations – chambers, historical societies, libraries, etc.


  • Local businesses who want to support the vitality of the area’s artistic community.

Individuals and Families

  • Individual local artists from across the artistic spectrum – musicians, actors, writers, painters, chefs, sculptors, poets, song writers, winemakers, singers, etc. – at all levels.
  • Individual appreciators of art and culture as a key contributor to the quality of life here.
  • A discount is offered for including additional family members

Wimberley Arts

Why You Should Join Us

Benefits of Membership

Arts and cultural organization members and individual artist members benefit through their participation in events and by taking advantage of the many promotional opportunities membership offers to help them attract audiences and contribute to the profile of Wimberley as an arts-centric community.

Other non-profits, businesses and individual arts appreciators contribute through their enthusiastic support of artists and arts organizations and by sponsoring, volunteering and attending’s events throughout the year.

All members benefit from exposure through the website, FB page and other publicity campaigns and from’s monthly networking mixers, special events and initiatives.

Rolling annual membership includes:

Searchable listing with photo and copy in member directory on the website
Promotion of your art, service or event on the website and FB page
Complimentary participation in Arts Expo and Tuesday Night Arts (new in 2021)
Special admission to events and initiatives
Creative Contact with like-minded professionals at networking and educational events
Invitation to monthly mixers at Middleton Brewing and other sponsor venues
Ability to get involved through sponsorship, volunteering, committee membership, etc.

Get Involved

Patrons, volunteers, & audience members welcome!

Become a Member

Support the community and promote your work.

Join the Community

Patrons, volunteers and audience members are all welcome. You will also discover that many of our member organizations have opportunities for you to be inspired to create your own art, whether that is on stage as a thespian, behind the mic as a performer or in front of an easel as an artist.