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Stallion Springs Concerts

Detailed Information

A house concert is an alternative to commercial venues like bars and restaurants. Nothing wrong with those places, but when you want to listen to the music, hear and understand the song lyrics, and get to know the singer/songwriter personally, nothing compares to the small intimate setting of someone’s patio, backyard or living room. No loud talking, no clanking dishes, no distractions, just a pure listening environment. And usually with friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

A Stallion Springs Concert is a private event, not open to the public. You must be invited, either personally by the host, by being on the email list, or through a Facebook event invitation. Our shows are typically on Saturday, but due to the artist schedule we may book a show on a different day. Depending on time of year, we usually open the doors around 6:00 to 6:30 and the music begins around 7:00 PM. We suggest a donation of $20-$30 per person and all of the collected funds go to the artist, the host keeps nothing. We provide ice and water.

The music usually consists of two sets of 45-50 minutes each with a break in between sets. During the break, the guest can purchase merchandise (all money from sales are kept by the artist), take a picture with the artist and make new friends! Our main venue is outside on a nice stone patio with the “stage” located so that all guests can see and hear the performance, so bring a comfy chair. We have fans and heaters/fire pits for marginal temperatures, and in the event of rain, we move the show inside. Otherwise, enjoy the breeze and the stars at night.

Tanya and I started these house concerts to promote the artist we love and give them an alternative to playing in bars where most people aren’t listening to their songs. We love finding new, sensational songwriters we can share with our friends. So visit a Stallion Springs Concert and enjoy some real, genuine, heartfelt, from the soul, Texas Music!