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Helene Cronin

Detailed Information
Texas-bred singer/songwriter Helene Cronin describes herself as a “story-singer.” Hers is a musical mission born from experience, as well as a desire to share something special through stories that resonate with genuine emotion and, in their wake, impart lessons that her listeners can absorb within their own life experiences. It’s a direction and determination she’s pursued over the course of her career, and for that matter, most of her own life as well. It’s flourished and been nourished ever since she first borrowed her brother’s guitar and taught herself to play.

For Helene, cultivating that connection is rooted in a deeply personal perspective. She recalls recently meeting a woman after a house concert, who told her through tears, “Listening to you and your songs makes me want to be a better person.”
That comment made an immediate impression. “I can’t really think of a better reason to keep doing what I do,” she reflects. “And to keep believing there’s a higher purpose for me writing one more song that only a few people might ever hear.”
With two EPs — 2014’s Restless Heart and 2015’s Belong to the River — and her critically acclaimed 2019 full-length debut, Old Ghosts & Lost Causes, behind her, Helene is working on a new album, aptly-titled Landmarks. With Matt King producing for a second time, Helene credits him with bringing out her best. “Matt’s a superb songwriter, and because he’s also an artist, he really understands the artist brain and the artist heart. He brings immense vision and talent to my projects.”
The critics clearly approve, as evidenced by the flood of kudos that have come her way. A New Folk Winner at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival in 2018, she’s drawn comparisons to Lori McKenna, Mary Gauthier, and other songwriters who share intimate experiences, unblemished honesty and their own unguarded vulnerability.

John Apice wrote in Americana Highways, “Her vivid lyrical abilities are without question. She’s like Leonard Cohen – (She) writes with a good editing pen and produces tight, original tales, then adds an invigorating melody.”
Robert K. Oermann of Music Row Magazine declared, “Our DisCovery Award goes to Helene Cronin, yet another example of how women are making some of our best music.”

Helene’s music is born from experience and her own solid sense of self. “I was born on Long Island and spent my early years growing up there.” she explains. “My family moved to Texas when I was in junior high and I’ve been here ever since. I am in Nashville every month for a week or two, but Texas is home base and I like having my feet planted here.”

“With Landmarks,” Helene maintains, “I feel like I’m on the brink of some of everything I’ve been working for all these years in Nashville, while going back and forth. On the brink of something really great happening and it feels good.” It’s likely to feel good to everyone who hears her as well.